What Kind Of Water Exercises Are Good For Water Exercises?

We just installed an inground swimming pool and I’ve been looking for different types of exercises for the water, particularly ones that work the legs, stomach and butt area. Any suggestions?

Yes, there are many ways to make exercise for the abs, legs and butt both fun and effective in your new pool! First of all, you can “liquefy” some of your favorite land-based exercises. For example, kickboxing and most martial arts moves translate well to water because its buoyancy reduces impact. Focus on the kicks and jumps to train your legs while your abdominals work to support and hold your back steady.

Running in deeper water is another way to work the legs and butt. Work with the water at shoulder level. You can use a buoyancy belt to keep you afloat. Move your arms the same as you would on land, but keep your body a little more forward than a vertical position.

In general, if you exaggerate sculpting movements like standing leg lifts, you will feel the resistance of the water through a full range of motion. Swinging and twisting movements will have to be slow and fluid, but they feel great to do because the water “sses back.” So use your imagination in the water and you will get a refreshing workout you can dive into in your own back yard.

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