I Walk A Lot On My Job – Is That Enough Of A Workout?

I work for the USPS and walk five to six miles every day while carrying about 20 to 30 pounds. I used to work out at home three to five times a week before this job. Now I am just too tired to do it. How much do I have to do to keep in shape after days like these?

It sounds like you are getting plenty of aerobic activity if you are able to maintain a brisk pace to your five to six mile walk each day. As far as carrying 20-30 pound boxes, you need to pay attention to your back. Lifting awkward and heavy items can make your back vulnerable to injury.

What comes to mind is yoga. Because you are tired and don’t want to have to go to a gym to lift more weight or do more cardiovascular activity, yoga could be the perfect way to wind up your day. Find a class or a videotape that you like and do it at least three times per week. If you are consistent, you’ll find you will have more energy after the class than before and your muscles will feel more balanced.

Hatha Yoga will strengthen your back, arms and legs and will stretch out all the tight or overworked parts of your body that you use at work all day long. At the same time, it will give you a feeling of connection and harmony with your body. After a day of using your body to “get the job done,” yoga offers you a way to be nice to your body and it make you feel better.

On the weekends or on your days off you can do some abdominal crunches and some pushups to keep your upper body and abs strong. Now that summer is coming, maybe you can find a pool and do some swimming. Your body will thank you for the weightless exercise and you will feel refreshed and invigorated for another week of work!

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