What Vaccines Do I Need When Traveling Abroad?

I am traveling to Turkey in two weeks. Do I need any particular vaccinations?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advises you to get your vaccinations four to six weeks before your trip abroad, to give them time to take effect. Obviously, it is too late for that, but you should get whatever immunizations you need as soon as possible.

Start by making sure you are up to date on all your routine vaccinations, such as tetanus, diphtheria, polio, etc. The same applies to any immunizations that may not be routine, but that you have had reason to get in the past, such as influenza or pneumonia.

For travel to the Middle East, the CDC recommends that you get immunized for hepatitis A. The agency says a typhoid vaccine is a good idea if you will be traveling in undeveloped parts of the region, which could include parts of southeastern Turkey. Meningitis, hepatitis B and rabies vaccines may be advised depending on what part of the country you are visiting, what you will be doing and how long you will be staying.

Here is a link to a detailed list of vaccinations recommended by the CDC for traveling to Turkey: Health Information for Travelers to Turkey

In addition to vaccine recommendations, the CDC website also provides travel health information regarding traveler’s diarrhea and food, water and other precautions for traveling abroad.

Have a great trip!

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