Can I Take Allergy Medication During Pregnancy?

I have had allergies for about seven years now. My doctor says I might be developing asthma from these allergies. Is that possible? What are the signs that I could have asthma? I want to see an allergist but I am pregnant. Is there a safe treatment for allergy during pregnancy?

It is not unusual for patients with allergies to develop asthma. Asthma sometimes appears after you’ve been exposed to new or more powerful allergens or heavier concentrations of previously bothersome allergens. An onset of asthma can also occur following a respiratory infection. The most commonly recognized asthma symptom is wheezing, primarily when you exhale air from your lungs. Another symptom may be chest tightness. Asthma symptoms may appear when you exercise or even after you have a good laugh.

If you are pregnant and suffering from asthma, it may be a good idea to see an asthma specialist, as asthma that is not well controlled can complicate pregnancy. In general, asthma treatment doesn’t vary during pregnancy — the medications usually used to treat asthma are safe for pregnant women. These include corticosteroids, which on occasion may be required for severe asthma. Your physician will probably be careful to prescribe the minimally required dosage to control your symptoms.

Sometimes allergy medications are recommended during pregnancy. It’s important to weigh the severity of your symptoms against the possible risks before you take any medication during pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy this momentous life experience.

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