Am I Too Young To Begin Weightlifting?

How old do you have to be to begin weightlifting? I’m 13, five feet tall and I weigh 92pounds. My grandfather says I can begin, but I think it may stunt my growth. Can I start weightlifting?

It is safe for you to begin strength training if you follow some important guidelines for your training. If you have any special physical needs that require medical clearance it is important that you get instructions from your doctor before you begin.

To start your program, you need to find a weight training facility that is well-supervised and does not allow you to use broken or damaged equipment. You also should only use equipment that you fit on. Some machines are only designed to be used by adults.

Learn to breathe properly during your exercise movements: Inhale before you lift the weight, then exhale during the exertion. You should always rest for one to two minutes between each exercise.

To avoid getting injured, make sure you communicate with your coach, trainer, parent or teacher when you feel tired or if your muscles are too fatigued to continue. Never compete with anyone, not even your friends or your famiy members. Work at your own pace and focus on what your body is feeling. Keep your workouts to about 45-minute sessions, and limit your weight training days to 2-3 times per week.

Join in on other recreational activites that use your whole body like swimming, jogging and sports. Remember to start out slow and progress gradually. This will give your body time to adjust to whatever you are doing, and you will become stronger with little risk of getting injured!

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