How To Stop A Child From Teeth Grinding While Sleeping

Should I be concerned about my 4-year-old daughter grinding her teeth at night? She is a very happy, healthy and active child.

Known technically as bruxism, tooth-grinding may cause problems in adults, but that is not often the case with children. Bruxism in kids is not usually of dental origin. More typically, it is caused by some kind of stress in the child’s life.

It does not mean that your daughter is physically or psychologically ill, but sometimes bruxism is related to a physical condition, such as a cold or allergies. It also can be caused by a problem with the child’s bite.

Chances are that your daughter’s tooth-grinding will not need treatment, since most cases of bruxism in children last only a short time.

If it persists, talk to her dentist or pediatrician, who can help you determine whether the bruxism is causing other symptoms and if any treatment is necessary. Mouthguards, worn at night, are the most common method of treating this condition.

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