20 Minute Workouts And Short Exercise Routines

I have a couple of your workout videos and enjoy them immensely. However, sometimes I flat run out of time. Are there shorter videos available for those days when I’m rushed? I like to exercise every day.

I hear quite often from people like yourself that you don’t have the time to do long workouts, but you still want to exercise everyday. Why not work your lower body on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then work your upper body and abs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You could do just a portion of a video, or you could buy shorter videos that focus on the lower or upper body. Two tapes from my collection that would work for you are “Lean Legs and Buns” and “Firm Arms and Abs.”

You might also incorporate a stretching routine into your workout week. For instance, if you want to do something very relaxing and extremely refreshing do my stretch tape, “Pure and Simple Stretch.” I have modified some yoga moves so that you can develop more flexibility in a very safe and effective way.

Remember that you also have other exercise options. Be wary of getting into an “all or nothing” attitude as far as exercise is concerned. On busy or stressful days, try to take as little as 20 minutes to go for a brisk walk. Not only will it help you stay active on a regular basis, walking — or any activity — will help to reduce the stress you’re feeling when you’re busy.

Hopefully this will help you, let me know how you are doing with it. Thank you for purchasing my videos and I am very glad that you enjoy them.

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