My Period Has Stopped – Could Running Be The Cause?

I’m 15 and I’ve been running for a year now. I haven’t gotten my period for six months. Is my running the cause for this?

Vigorous activity partnered with limited calories can cause your period to stop. It is common in female runners, gymnasts and dancers. The medical term for not having your period is called amenorrhea and it is a dangerous condition. When your body is under severe stress, it prioritizes its energy to preserve vital functions. The reproductive cycle is low on this list of priorities and can get “cut off” to send energy to other important areas.

Doctors often will advise a woman to eat more and stop exercising. This usually helps her to resume her menstrual cycle. For a girl your age, amenorrhea is particularly troubling because it prevents the proper development of bone mass. You are in danger of incurring stress fractures and skeletal injuries. Some questions you should ask yourself: Are you overtraining? Are you too thin? Have you been feeling tired a lot? Are you losing weight rapidly? Are you under stress?

Make a point to see a doctor about this because it is a serious condition. At your age you should be active, healthy and full of energy.

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