How Can I Reduce The Amount Of Caffeine I Drink?

I am totally hooked on caffeine! I drink anywhere from 10 to 15 big cups of coffee a day and want to stop. Is there a system for reducing the amount slowly without getting headaches from lack of caffeine?

It is good that you recognize the problem. This is entirely too much coffee and you may be getting additional caffeine from other sources, too.

There are potentially serious effects of consuming so much caffeine. You are right about the withdrawal symptoms. But barring other health problems that may prohibit caffeine for you, there is no reason you can’t just cut down, rather than eliminate coffee altogether. Moderate caffeine intake would be about three cups of coffee a day.

There are plenty of ways to gradually reduce your caffeine intake, including switching to “lo-caf,” which means mixing regular coffee mixed with decaffeinated. Gradually, you can reduce the high test and switch to all or mostly decaf.

Planning your approach and cutting down gradually should reduce or eliminate the withdrawal symptoms. In your case, I am guessing this caffeine reduction program may be easier said than done.

If you are one of those people who always has a cup of coffee nearby, don’t change the physical habit too quickly. Substitute a non-caffeinated drink for the coffee, but continue to keep a beverage handy. No need to completely disrupt your routine.

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