Are Prescriptions Available That Can Help Me Tan?

I have very fair skin and it is hard for me to get a tan and maintain it. Are prescriptions available that can help me tan and maintain it?

Medications for certain conditions can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, but that is considered a negative side effect. The truth is, there is no such thing as a healthy tan and you would be wise to pay attention to your body’s signals. If your skin will not tan, quit trying. Even those whose skin tans easily should practice sun avoidance and skin protection.

Just as with sunburn, it is believed that tanning can damage the skin and lead to skin cancer in later years. The damage is cumulative, so the more sun exposure you have over the years, the greater the risk that you will get skin cancer. And people with fair skin are at greater risk than those with dark skin. Tanning and sun worshipping also contribute to premature aging of the skin — wrinkles, spots, discoloration and that sort of shriveled, leathery appearance.

Your best bet is to give up pursuit of that elusive tan altogether and start practicing good skin care habits, including protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

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