What Are The Treatments For Severe PMS Symptoms?

My PMS cycles are becoming more intense, beginning one week prior to when my period begins. What can I do to treat these periods?

Some women find that their PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) symptoms worsen in their 40s as they start on the road to menopause. This is very common, especially if your PMS has been severe.

Your PMS may seem to be changing for many reasons related to, but not necessarily caused by, your overall health and aspects of your lifestyle, such as stress and nutritional factors.

I am not suggesting there is anything dangerous at work here. But it is a good idea to check in with your doctor — in this case, your gynecologist — whenever you have a significant change in your overall health status and before you start treating yourself.

There are quite a few safe techniques and remedies that may be helpful to you. Calcium has been found to reduce PMS symptoms in women who are not getting enough of the mineral. Some women find Vitamin B6 or other vitamins and minerals to be useful.

Cutting down on caffeine, sweets and salty foods works for many women, as does exercise.

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