Are There Exercises I Can Do At My Desk?

I feel guilty just sitting at my office desk for almost seven hours. Isn’t there something I could do while sitting to tone my legs, abs & inner thighs? I take a big walk during lunch, but it is not enough.

Even though you are working at your desk for seven hours each day, there are a few ways to keep your legs, arms and abs toned. First of all, you can set an alarm on your computer to remind you to stretch or do a quick exercise six or seven times each day. Every hour would be ideal.

Make sure you are sitting on a high-quality chair. Remember to sit tall, maintaining a natural curve to your lower back. Every hour run through this routine:

While sitting upright, breathe in, expanding your abdomen and chest. On the exhale, compress your abdominal muscles, moving your navel to the spine; and simultaneously press your inner thighs and knees together. Maintain the contraction in your abdominal and inner thigh muscles for five to six seconds while you exhale fully and completely.

Next, place your hands on the arm rests, fingers pointed forward with your elbows pointed back. Using the strength of your arms and shoulders, slowly lift your entire body off the chair until your arms are straight; do this 12-15 times. Finally, scoot to the front of your chair and plant your feet directly below your knees at hip width apart. Without using your arms to help, stand up by using your legs and buttocks only. Do this 12-15 times.

Finish in the seated position, hands on your thighs. Exhale again, rounding your entire spine and hollowing out your center. Bring your head down and relax. Sit upright again, stretch your head side to side, roll your shoulders back and go back to work! Good luck!

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