Liposuction Results – What To Do If You Are Not Satisfied

Whether you have realistic cosmetic goals or not, there are several reasons why some patients are dissatisfied with the result of their liposuction procedure. However, there are also several ways to deal with this dilemma and find satisfactory results. You can opt to consult with your doctor on this for a more guided decision while ensuring the safety of your health.

About Patient Satisfaction

According to medical research, 90% of patients who undergo liposuction and other types of cosmetic surgery are satisfied with the results. Different factors are considered when coming up with these figures.

Satisfaction percentage is largely due to the specific type of procedure done on the patient and the results achieved. For instance, neck liposuction achieved high levels of satisfaction from patients who underwent this procedure.

Another consideration for patient satisfaction is time. Some patients attest that although they are not initially satisfied with the results of the procedure, they become happier as time progresses. Meanwhile, other patients become less satisfied with time.

Satisfaction After Liposuction

Several studies are conducted to analyze the level of satisfaction of patients. This is of utmost importance, considering the level of popularity of this particular surgical aesthetic procedure. With many variables to consider, patient satisfaction is essential in evaluating the success of the procedure.

Here are a few findings regarding patient satisfaction gathered by a free-standing surgery center:

  • 8 out of 10 people who underwent liposuction are happy with the results.
  • Half of the patients who undergo liposuction are of the ideal weight, while 14% are obese.
  • The abdomen is the most common area treated for liposuction.
  • People who undergo a single liposuction session had more than one area of their body treated.

In determining the level of patient satisfaction following a procedure, the attitude of the patient prior to the procedure is taken into consideration. This is mostly done after a certain period of time wherein results have become visible and patients achieve a well-shaped body.

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