What Is The Best Lotion For Chapped Nipples?

What is the best type of lotion to put on chapped nipples?

I presume that you are breast-feeding. But if you’re not, and your nipples are chapped on an ongoing basis, you should make an appointment to have your gynecologist or family doctor check out the condition of your nipples.

For nursing moms, sore, dry, and cracked nipples are a fairly common problem, especially in the beginning (and sometimes later, when the baby’s teeth start coming in).

As to lotions, the best bet for you and your baby is to use none at all. The exception to this is if your nipples are cracked or bleeding, and so sore that you feel you can’t nurse at all. In this case, you can use a lanolin product, but make sure the ingredients are as simple and pure as possible. You might call a specialty store or ask your doctor or nurse for advice.

If soreness continues after the first few weeks of adjustment, the cause of the problem is likely to be improper nursing technique. If you need more help, see if your doctor’s office or health plan offers lactation consultation.

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