Patient Experiences With Knee Replacement Surgery

I’m interested in getting information on people’s experience with knee replacements. What are the information sources to tap into?

I like the way you think. When considering elective surgery, it is a great idea to talk with people who have had the same procedure.

If you haven’t already done it, start by reading up on the procedure itself. Have you already seen a surgeon? It is perfectly acceptable to ask your surgeon for the names and phone numbers of patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery. Ask the hospital, too, and make sure that your surgeon and hospital are both well-experienced in this procedure.

The reference librarian at your local public library should be able to launch you on this kind of reference check.

On the Internet, you can conduct a search on quality healthcare sites such as the Mayo Clinic, WebMD, or government run sites like the National Institutes of Health (NIH). By using the search feature on Health Search Online, you are able to search the leading healthcare sites on the Internet and have the results displayed in a single location.

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