How The Thyroid Affects Your Body Like A Thermostat

It is important to keep the hormones stable so symptoms will not be experienced by the patient.

Whenever imbalance in the hormone level in the body is triggered, a malfunction in the system begins to surface.  Here are some common manifestations of thyroid diseases and why they occur.

Physiologic Effects of Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism shows various manifestations that may be too overwhelming for the body. The hypothalamus, which is the sensation center in the brain, is being triggered when you are in a hyperthyroid state. Through regulation of hormones and drug maintenance, these manifestations can easily be prevented.

Feeling Warm

Hyperthyroid patients may feel unusually warm even in a cold environment. They usually have intolerance to heat and may feel jittery when not in a cold surrounding. Some patients even sweat despite the presence of air conditioning systems.

If the hyperthyroid patient gets in a warm environment, he may begin to feel very uncomfortable. The patient would start to feel irritable because of the unnerving situation he is in. Hyperthyroid patients should therefore live in a cold environment to avoid uneasy feelings when exposed to heat.

Increased Perspiration

Due to the body’s fast metabolic process in a hyperthyroid state, the body tends to perspire easily. Heat exposure will only make this manifestation more severe. Like being exposed in a warm environment, perspiration may trigger irritability in hyperthyroid patients.

Weakness and Fatigue

Although weakness is a common symptom found in the hypothyroid state, this can also be experienced by the hyperthyroid group. When hormone levels shoot up, the body will feel highly energized – sort of a manic stage. But after this period, the body will feel greatly stressed and fatigued. If the hyperthyroid patient experiences such symptoms, it is best to keep the body rested until the person recovers his energy.


Tremors cause a jittery feeling in the body. Because of anxiety, the body experiences trembling feeling in the muscles. This may cause irritability for the patient as he may feel restricted to do some activities. It is therefore vital to take your medications to avoid tremors.

Accelerated Heartbeat

Accelerated heartbeat is one of the most irksome manifestations in hyperthyroid patients. Because of the palpitations, the person may not be able to function normally. Antihypertensive medications are used to control both palpitations and high blood pressure.

Weight Loss

Although weight loss is beneficial to some people, it is not a healthy manifestation in hyperthyroid patients. The body may appear so thin that self image disturbance may become a likely result of this problem. Weight loss is avoided through intake of anti thyroid hormones. If the medications are taken regularly, the patient may be able to recover from this weight loss problem. The patient may also be saved from self image disturbance.

Frequent Elimination of Stools

Diarrhea is another irritating symptom of hyperthyroid patients. The person may defecate more than 3 times per day. For some people, this can be a bothersome problem especially when at work or at school. It is therefore important to anticipate for this manifestation so you can be prepared whenever you feel the urge to defecate.

Irritability and Anxiety

Irritability is a common manifestation of hyperthyroidism. This feeling may be difficult to adjust to because the people around you can be affected. It is important to avoid stress and other sources of irritation so this problem can be avoided.

Physiologic Effects of Hypothyroidism

The following manifestations may significantly change the lives of hypothyroid individuals:

  • menstrual changes
  • fewer bowel movements
  • dry hair and skin
  • weight gain
  • intolerance to cold
  • sluggishness
  • depression
  • fatigue

Prevention of Manifestations

To avoid these manifestations, you must comply with the treatment regimen. The sick individual should also avoid stress and other conditions which may help aggravate the manifestations.

Coping With the Manifestations

Through time, you will be able to cope with the manifestations. Accepting support from family members is important in the treatment process. Having a positive outlook may also be helpful to help alleviate your condition.

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