Can You Get A Perm While Pregnant?

I’m 19 weeks pregnant and wondering if it would be safe for me to get a perm? I have heard conflicting stories. What is your opinion?

At this point in your pregnancy I think it is safe for you to have a perm. However, you may find it’s not worth your while. For reasons we don’t understand, some women often find that a perm doesn’t “take” when they’re pregnant.

You’ve probably already noticed that your hair doesn’t feel the same these days. During pregnancy it’s common for the hair to change in quality, quantity and manageability. The high levels of hormones in your body arrest the usual cycle of hair growth and loss.

Generally, some hair grows and some is lost every day. During pregnancy, however, your hair is arrested in the growth phase. After delivery, the cycle passes into a resting phase during which masses of hair can be lost.

Hair loss can continue for up to two years and may be alarming, but rest assured: It will stop! Pregnancy never causes baldness. Any hair you lose after your baby is born is simply the hair you would normally have lost throughout your pregnancy. Hair may also change from being straight to being curly (and vice versa) after pregnancy.

If your hair becomes more difficult to manage, this may be a good time to try a simpler style that is easy to care for. Use the mildest shampoo you can find, and underwash your hair by applying the shampoo only once. Massage gently to a lather. Leave for 30 seconds and rinse off.

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