Is It Safe To Garden While Pregnant?

I am an avid gardener. What kind of chemicals do I need to avoid using on my lawn and garden during my pregnancy? Is it safe to use pesticides or weed killers if I wear a mask?

I’m also a keen gardener, and I must say that during the sensitive first 12 weeks of pregnancy there are certain gardening products that I would steer clear of even if I were wearing a mask. These would include all insecticides, all weed killers and any gardening product in an aerosol can.

Aerosols deliver contents in fine droplet form, making it easier for them to be inhaled and absorbed by the lungs. Also, most weed killers and pesticides contain very potent chemicals that may even be absorbed through the skin if you accidentally splash the product on yourself.

Take care, therefore, to wear protective clothing like gloves and overalls. Personally, I’d let the weeds grow for a few months.

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