Can Flovent Replace A Number Of Other Medications?

Is it true that Flovent can replace other inhalers such as Azmacort, Serevent and Ventolin? I am using all three and would like to learn more about Flovent.

Flovent and Azmacort are both inhaled corticosteroids, and both are very effective medications. Azmacort has a built-in spacer, whereas Flovent does not. Most asthma specialists suggest using a spacer with inhaled steroids to enhance the delivery of the medication to the lungs.

Azmacort is available in one dosage, 100 micrograms(mcg) per activation of the inhaler. Flovent is available in six different dosages: 44, 110 and 220mcgs in a standard metered-dose inhaler (MDI) and 50, 100, and 250mcgs using a new, dry, powdered delivery system called the Rotadisk. It does not require a spacer.

Although Flovent is used for mild persistent to severe persistent asthma, it is particularly well-suited for severe asthma where higher doses of inhaled steroids are often required for control. The higher dose formulation found in Flovent (220-250mcg per puff) allows fewer puffs per day than Azmacort (100mcg per puff) to achieve the higher dose.

It is important to point out that if a patient needs to use a bronchodilator twice a week or more (not counting use for exercise) then a second medication is also needed. Often an inhaled corticosteroid, like those discussed above, is prescribed. Depending on the clinical situation, other long-term controller medications, such as Intal, Tilade, or one of the new leukotriene modifiers, like Singulair, Accolate, or Zyflo, may be given.

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