Why Do My Feet Sweat Too Much?

My feet sweat excessively. How do I remedy this condition?

Excessive sweating has a fancy name — hyperhydrosis. Sometimes bacteria decompose the sweat and damp skin, creating a foul odor that is known as bromhidrosis.

Excessive sweating of the feet is pretty common. It may be related to stress or anxiety and it may be connected to footwear and foot hygiene.

Shoes that do not breathe can contribute to the problem. Do not wear plastic or synthetic material shoes unless the material is some kind of breathable mesh. Wear socks made of cotton or a fabric that will pull moisture away from the feet. Change your socks during the day, if needed. Dry your feet thoroughly when you bathe and apply powder to your feet.

Some experts suggest applying a roll-on anti-perspirant, one that contains an aluminum compound. Do not do this if you have athlete’s foot. You might try soaking your feet in black tea (cool, not hot), for at least 20 minutes a day. This can help reduce the sweating, but it may also stain the skin.

Another remedy involves applying a prescription-strength aluminum chloride solution to the feet at bedtime and covering them in plastic wrap. With or without the plastic wrap, this medication usually helps reduce sweating within a week or so. There is also a technique using an electric current on the feet which may reduce or stop sweating for a few weeks at a time.

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