I Have Extremely Dry Skin – How Can I Treat This Problem?

I have extremely dry skin. My skin is scratchy and peeling and cracking. What are possible ways of treating this problem?

The vast number of products being sold to treat dry skin tells us that it is an exceedingly common problem. But skin that is dry to the point of peeling and cracking is more unusual.

Start by looking at your environment. Do you spend most of your time in dry, heated places? Perhaps a cool mist humidifier would help.

One good method for moisturizing is to apply bath oil all over your skin within a minute or two after you have soaked in a bath or shower for at least five minutes. This seals the open pores and helps stop moisture from evaporating off your skin. Make sure you drink lots of water every day and eat a healthy diet. Wear rubber gloves when you are washing dishes or cleaning.

If you make some of these changes and do not start to see any improvement within a week or two, make an appointment with your doctor. Severely dry skin can be a symptom of many diseases and conditions, ranging from allergies to thyroid problems.

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