Is Serzone A Safe And Effective Drug For General Anxiety?

I’ve recently been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder that has resulted in moderate depression. I am taking Serzone — 300 milligrams in the morning and 150 milligrams at bedtime. I also take Tranxene at bedtime. I’ve been on the medication for about three weeks now and feel somewhat better. I am unable to find any information on Serzone. Does it work and is it safe? What can you tell me about general anxiety disorder? I’ve suffered from this for about 15 years and finally saw a doctor. I’m ready to have my life back again.

The following answer was largely written by Dr. Arnold Lieber, a Board-certified psychiatrist in New York, who has graciously agreed to be my consultant for this psychiatric question.

Nefazadone (Serzone) is one of the newer antidepressants and it appears to be an effective one. Safety with any drug is relative because any drug can have side effects. Serzone is usually well-tolerated but people taking it, or any antidepressant, should be followed by a knowledgeable physician who knows the drug and can deal with any questions or problems which may arise.

About general anxiety disorder: That’s a condition of chronic anxiety and worry. It is sometimes over-diagnosed. For instance it’s not clear from your account whether other conditions, such as chronic depression, have been ruled out. A consultation with a psychiatrist versed in these matters is advisable.

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