Does Alcohol Make Asthma Worse?

Is asthma affected when a person consumes alcohol? I was told that it constricts your bronchial tubes. Is that true? And should a person with asthma not drink alcohol at all?

Some people with asthma are very sensitive to alcohol and their asthma symptoms can be dramatically worsened by all alcohol products, but this is very unusual. More often, people will notice difficulty with fermented products, such as beer or wine, but they can drink other alcoholic beverages.

In some other cases, people are sensitive to metabisulfates, which are used in the production of most wines. These people can have dramatic worsening of their asthma when they consume wine.

In general, people with asthma that is worsened by drinking alcohol become aware of the problem on their own. They should not drink alcohol until they discuss the situation with their physician.

However, unless you notice worsened symptoms associated with drinking alcohol, there is no reason, based on your asthma, not to drink it. But under all conditions, you should drink wisely.

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