What Could Be Causing Mild Dizziness Or Lightheadedness?

For the last three to four days, I’ve been experiencing mild dizziness or lightheadedness. I was wondering what may be the cause of this? I’m a 34-year-old man.

Most of us have a tendency to play down our symptoms and believe they are not serious. There are a number of things that could cause lightheadedness, some of them serious and some not.

If you told me you had a bad case of the flu, or you were out practicing spinning around on your rollerblades, I might be inclined to dismiss the symptoms, too. But since the cause isn’t obvious to you, don’t leave this symptom to self-diagnosis and speculation.

With so many diseases and conditions, early detection is the key to cure or effective treatment. It is probably nothing, but if it is not, why wait until it becomes something? Call your doctor, explain the symptoms and arrange for an office visit.

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