Can A Chiropractor Help With My Son’s Asthma?

My 9-year-old son has been having a very bad time with asthma this season. We are getting very discouraged with the amount of school that he has missed this year and the amount of medication that he is on. A friend suggested that we send our son to a well-respected chiropractor in our area. After a consultation about our son’s diet and an adjustment in his office, he feels that he can help our son, along with our regular doctor. I’m still hesitant about this move, but am willing to try anything at this point.

When you have a child who is sick and not getting better under a physician’s care, it is natural to seek other answers. However, I would suggest that a physician who has spent 10 years in training (four years in medical school, three to four in internal medicine or pediatrics, and two to three as a fellow in allergy or pulmonology) would be best equipped to provide your son with the best possible care. They have access to a wonderful assortment of medications, and in most instances have the knowledge about asthma that your child requires for appropriate care.

Asthma care is what these physicians do multiple times every working day. As there is no creditable data to support chiropractic adjustments for the long-term treatment or prevention of asthma, there is abundant evidence showing that care provided by asthma specialists yields significant improvement in asthma outcomes (including time lost from school). Check with the American Lung Association or the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America for a board certified asthma specialist in your community.

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