Should I Trust My Child’s Pediatrician’s Hasty Asthma Diagnosis?

I have a ten month old baby. She has had persistant cough ever since she was about three months of age. She has been diagnosed with bronchilitis twice. Now we have just moved and her new pediatrician says she has asthma. This doctor has seen her only once, is it possible to make such a quick diagnosis?

The doctor hasn’t run any tests and has reccomended a nebulizer, steroids, cough syrup with codeine and a wheezing medication. I don’t feel comfortable giving my baby all this medication based on the doctor’s seeming hasty diagnosis. What should I do?

I agree with your concern. When a child this age has this much trouble, they should be seen by a pediatric pulmonolgist. I would request this consultation.

There is always a concern that the cough is from another cause such as gastroesophageal reflux, internal or external compression of the bronchial tubes, or a congenital anomaly. Asthma in an infant is often difficult to diagnose and it is imperative that other illnesses that mimic asthma be excluded. Good luck.

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