What Could Be Causing My Horrible Cramps And Diarrhea?

For the past two years I have experienced horrible cramps and diarrhea. Otherwise I seem to be pretty healthy. What could this be?

Sometimes I receive questions that are more important to use as an example than to respond directly to the question. In your case, no doctor could provide anything but wild speculation without knowing more about you and your health history, or without an exam and perhaps tests.

Anyone with abnormal symptoms or changes in their health status should see a doctor. Waiting a week or so after the onset of cramps and diarrhea may be okay, but waiting two years is an unreasonable approach to maintaining good health.

I can understand why some people might not take diarrhea seriously. The television commercials for diarrhea medicines tend to be humorous and give the impression that this is just an embarrassing inconvenience that can be resolved easily with over-the-counter products. That is usually true for occasional diarrhea, but two years’ worth absolutely requires a doctor’s attention.

I urge you to visit your doctor immediately. If you are uninsured or cannot afford a doctor, call your local public health department for help getting Medicare, Medicaid or other free or low-cost medical care.

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