Could I Have A Thyroid Problem?

I've been feeling run down with mood swings I can't explain. Could I have a thyroid problem? There are millions of Americans who suffer the blues, mood swings,

Coping With Thyroid Disease

Taking a pill is not the only solution to find the right balance in your body. There are several other things you should consider in treating thyroid problems.

Thyroid Disease – Who Is At Risk

Various risk factors to thyroid disease are at hand. Take a look at some of the most common precipitating factors of thyroid disease. Age For both men and

Treating The Overactive Thyroid

Hyperthyroidism affects millions of people all over the world. Today, there are three available treatments for the disorder. Antithyroid medications and

Hyperthyroidism Risk Factors

Risk factors for hyperthyroidism include the following: previous viral infections, post pregnancy state, middle aged group (30 to 40 years old), family history

Treating The Underactive Thyroid

Underactive thyroid, otherwise known as hypothyroidism, is a prevalent worldwide endocrine problem. Although various treatments are available to treat the

Methods For Testing The Thyroid

Numerous factors need to be evaluated before one can be diagnosed with having thyroid disease. It can include clinical assessment and evaluation which is done