Healing And Meditation

It seems that conventional medicine is no longer enough to meet the needs of many people. There are now different kinds of alternative medicine that cater to

What Is Energy Healing?

If you're grounded and centered, energy flows freely. If you want to pump the Chi energies, you can use grounding and balancing healing systems. This is where

Using Aromatherapy As Remedy

Many people are now using aromatherapy as remedy for some common health conditions. It is an alternative form of medicine which uses essential oils or volatile

All About Oriental Herbal Medicine

Oriental herbal medicine is part of a holistic system which has been practiced for more than 3,000 years. The focus of the system is the qi or vital energy. You

The Acupuncture Equation

Acupuncture came from two Latin words 'acus' and 'pungere', which means 'needle' and 'to prick' consequently. This is a technique which involves insertion of

Massage And Natural Healing

Natural healers are very popular because of the rising costs of medical bills. There are now respected professionals that help those with illnesses through

The Benefits Of Yoga

For many centuries now, Yoga remains an excellent tool for meditation and exercise. If this is your first time trying Yoga, you will need assistance from an

All About Herbal Healing

Herbal healing is known as 'herbalism'. It has existed for thousands of years and it's an excellent choice for natural healing. Herbalist experts known today

What Is Usui?

Usui is the first name of the founder of Reiki. His complete name is Usui Mikao, he was a Buddhist. Doctor Usui was fond of studying Sanskrit and Tibetan

All About Natural Healing

According to experts, the human body is unique. It has a special ability that allows it to regenerate and care for itself which is called natural healing. There

How Effective Is Homeopathy?

Medical researchers have been keeping a close watch on the efficacy of homeopathic treatments ever since its foundation. The British government sponsored