Liposuction And Weight Gain

Although liposuction has been proven effective in terms of removing fat in particular areas in the body, doctors remind us that the results are not permanent.

Cosmetic Surgery And Fraud

Cosmetic surgery is popular. This fact causes some people to create their own make-believe medical experience and victimize innocent people. Recent studies show

Treatments For Cellulite

There are several people, especially women, who get embarrassed due to the effects of cellulite on their body. With the number of treatments out there promising

Body Contouring Procedures

People who suddenly lose weight without the help of exercise normally experience sagging of the skin usually on areas of the stomach and the buttocks. There are

Otoplasty – Ear Reshaping

Ear reshaping or otoplasty is a procedure done to enhance the shape of your ears. Several people feel a psychological impact of misshapen or protruding ears.