I Can’t Sleep Past 3 Or 4 AM. What Should I Do?

I cannot sleep past 3 or 4 a.m. I awaken and start thinking. I have tried using valerian root to help me sleep, but for the most part it does not seem to work. Nothing seems to work. Can you help me?

Many people do not realize that this form of early awakening is insomnia. Solving the problem requires a comprehensive approach, not a single “magic pill” treatment.

Chances are that several factors are contributing to your insomnia, and you will need to address all of them if you want to start logging on to a good night’s sleep.

Some of the causes of your sleeplessness may be simple to deal with, such as exercising early in the day or cutting down on caffeine. Others may be more complex and require help or a long-term commitment.

Breaking the stress-sleeplessness cycle falls into the latter category. Your life may be causing you stress that keeps you awake and the lack of sleep creates more stress and on and on.

With patience and determination, you can break the cycle and rest well once more.

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