I Have Asthma – Does This Mean I Should Not Exercise?

I have asthma and have been told not to exercise. Is this good advice?

Most people with asthma actually would benefit from some form of regular physical activity. Despite the fact that asthma may be brought on by aerobic activity, exercise is still a desirable option.

Once you get clearance from your doctor to begin an exercise program, remember to take extra time to warm up. This will better prepare your body for a more intense level of activity. Also exercise at the lower end of your target heart rate; endurance-type activities like walking or swimming are ideal for you. Rest when you feel necessary and listen to your body rather than competing with others. Try to rest for 30 seconds to one minute between sets when weight training.

Work out in clean, unpolluted environments with proper ventilation. Spend plenty of time cooling down, giving your body a chance to fully relax from an exercise session. As long as you and your doctor are comfortable with your level of activity, asthma does not have to keep you away from an exercise program.

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