Size Of Breasts After Breast Reduction Surgery

I’m having a breast reduction in a week and my surgeon hasn’t asked me about what size I want to be or anything. Is it normal to wait until the last minute?

Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammaplasty, is a very complicated procedure and I doubt that a plastic surgeon can promise a specific bra size as a result.

Your questions indicate that you are not fully informed on this topic, and no, that does not seem normal just a week before the procedure. This is major surgery, with a substantial recovery process as well as possible risks, complications and consequences. I am not saying breast reduction surgery is unsafe – just that you need to try to become something of a walking encyclopedia on the subject well before you’re rolled into the operating room.

Breast reduction surgery may be the perfectly appropriate choice for you and the results may make a dramatic improvement in your health and quality of life. But I am concerned that a week before surgery, you have not discussed your expectations with your surgeon. We have found that with most types of non-emergency surgery, a better outcome results when the patient is thoroughly briefed about what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

I would suggest that you start by reading up on the procedure. Then call your surgeon, explain that you still have questions and ask for an appointment to discuss the issues. Postpone the surgery for a week or two if you feel you need more preparation time. If the doctor is not agreeable to all this and completely accommodating to your needs, consider switching surgeons or at least getting a second opinion.

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