Will They Put You To Sleep For A C-Section?

If I have a C-Section, do they have to put me to sleep? I was hoping to be awake so I can greet my baby when he is born.

Good for you for thinking ahead. Learning about childbirth, considering your options and preferences and developing a birth plan are all good steps in planning for an absolutely incredible experience.

In answer to your question, most Cesarean sections are done with epidural or spinal anesthesia, meaning you probably will be awake during your baby’s birth. General anaesthesia is usually only used when an extreme emergency occurs.

Many hospitals allow the husband or coach in the room, so he can greet the baby with you and provide you with comfort and emotional support.

The following article should help you learn more about labor and delivery: Childbirth and Beyond – by the Office on Women’s Health from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

While you are definitely right to plan for the possibility that you may need a Cesarean, you should simultaneously be learning what you can do to avoid one. C-sections are major surgery, with greater risks and usually a longer recovery period than a vaginal birth.

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